Clair Irene Graves — January 20, 1944 ~ April 20, 2021


Claire was a very fine actress, with whom I shared the stage on several occasions over the years. She performed in our very first musical production of “The Music Man” in 1981. As I looked through my Photo Album, I spotted a picture of the cast at the last performance and there was Claire in her Grecian Urn toga costume, arms extended in a dramatic pose. Claire proved she was very skilled at creating choreography in future Musicals. Her enthusiasm for dance kept everyone on their toes. Ah yes and I found another photo in my album of Claire and me and John MacDougall during the performance of “Blithe Spirit.” Her sassy facial expression reveals the humorous wicked side of Elvira, the ghost of John's (Charles) first wife. I envied her in that role because she played the delightfully funny character of Elvira, so opposite to my staid, intellectual cold Ruth. We had such fun on set driving John to distraction, to the extent that he could barely remember his lines.
XXXXClaire also learned many other aspects of theatre production and was responsible for the lighting in some shows. When the Little Theatre acquired the Tichborne Rehearsal Hall, Claire and husband Doug drafted a protocol to ensure the Hall was set up properly and made to function effectively.
XXXXAnd so Claire as you make your final curtain call, know that we, your NFLT family, will never forget you and the many roles you played when “you tripped the light fantastic” on the old NFLT stage.

As Bob Hope would say “Thanks for the Memories.”
Love, Pamela Giroux

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NFLT receives a “Community Foundation Grant for Kingston and Area” to transition Oso Hall to a performance venue! Read the Frontenac News article!

Community Foundation for Kingston and Area grant to Central Frontenac Township

  • Oso Hall
  • Setting up a lighting grid in Oso Hall
  • Oso Hall's new ceiling ready for taping
  • The stage area
  • Jeff Green, Frontenac News; Jeff Siamon, NFLT's President; Frances Smith, Mayor of Central Frontenac
  • NFLT's presentration of the $14,500 grant to Central Frontenac for the theatre's transition to Oso Hall
  • Town and Country electrician installing outlets for our lights
  • Adam Peters of Town and Country Electric
  • There will be 44 lighting circuits
  • That's a lot of wires!
  • Three of five pipes installed
  • Rudy Hollywood and Steve Scantlebury built the cabinet that will house the electrical components

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