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Forty years of crowd-pleasing shows!

Taking down Our Lights at GREC

The President’s Message

With a standing ovation for each performance of Jeff Siamon’s, “The Boy Wonder,” our Spring Production was acclaimed a resounding success. Another, to add to the long list of shows after 40 years of productions in Sharbot Lake. In order to bring awareness of our Little Theatre  to the younger generation, Brian Robertson initiated a 40th Anniversary Poster contest to the surrounding Elementary schools and GREC. The posters were judged  and winners announced in the Frontenac News. Soon after that we put together a float that was a showstopper for the Canada Day parade. Thanks to Keith Conboy, our driver, for giving us an encore with that one. Then in July Brian composed a 40th Anniversary song with musical arrangements provided by Barbara Agnew. A recording was made by Brett Hilder at the Tichborne Rehearsal Hall with a chorus comprised of NFLT members and friends. In August we hosted a Sing Along at the Rehearsal Hall as a lead up to the September 28 Reunion which was held at St. James Major Hall. After months of preparation it was a heart warming gathering for our NFLT family and friends celebrating a memorable milestone. Visitors to this event were treated to a room filled with memorabilia; Marj Fossey’s photo albums and flower scrim, videos of shows from each decade, costumes, set pieces, a stunning cake and most exciting , a chorus of singers performing songs from our past musicals. Jim MacPherson was the M.C. who put this show together, with help from John MacDougall, musical director, and Kevin Long, piano accompanist, as well as Gary Giller on Bass. Our two soloists were Marc Giroux and Donna Laroque, each taking us on a trip back to our glory days. 
XXXAnd now here we are at our last performance in our Anniversary year. In 1979 we chose “Alice in Wonderland” to make our public debut at Sharbot Lake High School. I played Alice in that show so long ago, never dreaming that I would still be performing 40 years later in “The Boy Wonder”. The Little Theatre has been a wonderful gift for all the adults and children who performed or participated in some way to create the magic of live theatre. What an amazing journey we have had! So thank you John Pariselli for putting that announcement in the Frontenac News 40 years ago, asking the community if anyone was interested  in forming a Little Theatre group. 40 YEARS can you believe it?

July 1, 2019 CANADA DAY
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It has been 40 wonderful years since we produced our first play, Alice in Wonderland. That was nearly 80 plays ago! Join us in our new home, the Oso Hall in Sharbot Lake.