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Forty plus years of crowd-pleasing shows!

Ciara's Coming Home

Ciara's Coming Home -- Cast and Crew

Rufus Blake, PI


Because of the uncertainty of COVID in the spring of 2022, NFLT decided to produce another virtual, YouTube video drama. Rufus Blake, PI is a parody/homage of the Philip Marlowe detective radio plays of the 1940s and 50s. It now live on our YouTube channel. Below is a preview!

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Watch our virtual, dramatic reading of A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol — Behind the scenes ...
Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery
A Christmas Carol Screen Shots
Scrooge sees his tombstone.
Our 40th Reunion
Photo Gallery

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It has been over 40 wonderful years since we produced our first play, Alice in Wonderland. That was nearly 80 plays ago! Join us in our new home, the Oso Hall in Sharbot Lake.