NFLT owns a small rehearsal hall and 'headquarters' in the old United Church in Tichborne. This community heirloom has been a wonderful gathering place. The upstairs of the church features a large open area. The basement is home to our extensive costume and props collection. This old church has a rich history.
xxxxIn the spring of 1891, a church building was started and the first meeting held in it was that winter. The interior of the church was not finished for nearly two years. The lumber for the interior was kiln dried tongue and groove elm, which cost $18.00 per thousand. It was bought from the Westport Furniture Company and brought back on lumber wagons more than twenty miles over bad roads by Thomas Fream, William Bradshaw, Harry Swerbrick and Sam Kennedy Sr. The round trip was made in a single day during summer by leaving at 6 a.m.
xxxxThe church was originally a Presbyterian when built but was changed to United in 1925. It was relocated to Tichborne in 1952 and was closed in the late 1960's and sold to the Sharbot Lake and District Lion's Club in 1969.
xxxxThe United Church that sits at Tichborne was moved from the corner of Bradshaw Road and Highway 38. It used to sit on the left going towards the highway on the hill just past the 'Welcome to Bedford' sign and the old K&P track before Highway 38. I remember when it was moved in 1952. Trucks pulled it and log rollers were placed under the structure as it moved along. Gordon Bertrim was caretaker before it was moved. There also was a big shed to tie the horses in. When I was young I was one of the many people who went to the church. People either walked or took the horse and milk wagon.

See below for Tichborne history.

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